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Missing Moira Mae & Raising Our Rainbow Charlotte

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Last Night
evil cat
Went to see the midnight show of The Dark Night! I was exhausted and sometimes I nodded off just because I was tired, not because the movie was bad or anything. Heath Ledger was AMAZING!!! He really was the Joker, it's just so sad that we lost such an amazing actor!! If you would of told me last year that he was going to play the Joker, I would of never believed it. He just doesn't seem like that type of actor, but he was absolutely wonderful in the roll. This roll could of sky rocketed his career. Just sad.........


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I still need to see that movie, I've heard great things about it. What scared me was that Heath said that playing the joker really scared him, he found himself starting to become the joker and start thinking like him. Yikes! I can't imagine playing a role like that, I would probably end up insane. I heard he did a great job though, even though it seems so out of character for him :) I still remember him in 10 Things I Hate About You. I always thought he would play romantic-comedy type roles for the rest of his life.

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